Add district numbers to contact records - quit working


I’ve been using this V1 of this API for a long time in conjunction with the CiviCRM database & WordPress website. It’s very valuable! I just noticed it quit working sometime after November 13, 2018. I’m getting the error when the cron job runs: “Finished execution of Open States API - Districts with result: Failure, Error message: ‘legislature’ is not a valid option for field custom_4”. Here are the custom CiviCRM fields I set up:


I have an Open States API Key:


Open States API - Districts (Daily)
Adds state representative districts to contacts
API Entity: OpenStates
API Action: districts

The CiviCRM Extension looks like this:

How do I get this working again…thanks!!
Jim Crist
P.S. I can only use one image in this post…really?