Address Lookup Starter Question


Hi All,

I’m new here and apologize if this question is already answered or grossly elementary!

I’m looking to basically make a little app that automatically looks up districts of addresses, just like on the home page.

Is it necessary to use something like the google API to first convert addresses to latitude/longitude, or is there a quicker way?

No big deal either way as doing this would really be pretty easy too but I wondered if there was something already built in since this is exactly what the home page does.



Googling e.g. “api state legislature district” will find you some resources, but if you are writing an interactive “find my district” app, I recommend using the two-step approach of getting the geocoordinaes first and then finding the district.

The reason is that people and machines make mistakes, and the easiest way for someone to confirm “yep, that’s where I meant” is to show a map with a pin in it.

For an example of what can go wrong, see this comment from two days ago.


Thanks a lot for that response, makes sense. Time to roll up my sleeves and start building!