API v1 deprecation & infrastructure switchover


Starting today we’re rolling out the infrastructure switchover for API v1. We silently tested it twice over the past few weeks on a subset of traffic and found two small errors which are now fixed.

The changes described here: http://docs.openstates.org/en/latest/api/index.html#deprecation are now fully in place.

If there are major issues we’ll roll back- feel free to comment if anything unexpected is occurring that isn’t covered by the deprecation notice.


As of November 2018 we are beginning the process of removing lesser-used portions of this API. New applications should use API v2.

This isn’t really feasible yet, at least for those relying on data from Alabama and using V2. I’ve opened a few issues on GitHub with results that are not returning person data. I have built around V2 but having to go back to V1 in some instances to populate missing data.


To clarify & reiterate: v1 will continue to exist through 2019, but we won’t be fixing non-regressions in it. v1 and v2 now use the same data which will allow us to push data fixes much faster

also re: Person linkage, it needs to be overhauled, it will be a focus in jan/feb most likely


Thanks for the reply. So will Person linkage not exist in certain areas until that time? Specifically in the examples here where nothing is returned at all: https://github.com/openstates/new-openstates.org/issues/124