API V2 orderBy date possible?


When querying bills from a rep, I’ve kept the first: parameter low to keep data transfers low. But the dictionary returned has a fairly unpredictable sequence of bills (I assume they are ordered as lastUpdated). Which is fine. Is there any way to sequence based on some date property of the billActionNode?

I’m not asking as a wishlist thing…just seeing if there is a way I haven’t seen. Else, I’ll just up the batch download to the max and sort client side.



You might consider doing two fetch cycles: one to just get whatever the sort/filter criteria you want is + the bill id, then one or more “bundled” bill queries asking for just the ones you want, keeping the bundle sizes within reason. I wrote up “bundled” queries in:


Thanks for the help, Ed. Appreciated. I think for now I’ll just stick with the current system I have as I need to get an update pushed (2018 is apparently over lol). Just wanted to see if I was missing something in the documentation.


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