API v2 Wishlist?


It would also be nice if I had access to the subcommittees as children of a given committee…or through some other trick or twist. Or is there some trick to list the subcommittees for a given committee? (California Assembly’s budget committee has 5 subcommittees but when one tries querying for them, there are no children, alas.)


oldMemberships is now available & the committee issue looks like it may be a bug- if you have time to file an issue w/ an example that’d be appreciated, otherwise I’ll do it when I have a bit more time to dig in


Just filed it with a quick example.


Hi all. Just a suggestion for v2. I’m seeing that some fairly basic info is nested pretty deeply in the hierarchy of the node structure. Case in point, getting to an elected official’s party name is people > personNode > currentMemberships(array), within which the party name is the same as any other name, and is only known if you also have the classification “party” in the same dictionary and they are both present (which may always be the case, but could be the source of an error as the system gets more complex). Given how important party affiliation is these days, I’m surprised it’s not a data point in its own right.

Can I also suggest that points like this could also benefit from some redundancy. For example, having “party” as a top-level data point as with v1…and possibly buried deeper as well, is fairly common practice for schemaless databases using node structures. It reduces the need for deep data retrieval, while taking minimal extra storage space.

Having said that, I’m loving the new system so far. The graphgl beta database access tool is awesome!


for Jurisdiction, adding an “identifier” parameter for legislativesession