Boundary maps API?


(not “API v2”, strictly speaking, but it’s the best category fit)

What’s the plan/timeframe for district boundary maps? Still a new static API? Should they perhaps be on 2019 Priorities? I’m not advocating, just raising the question.

For anyone who needs it, the upstream source for the boundary data is


We’re evaluating it still, but yes the static API is the current plan. It turns out it was used by ~0.5% of API users so I’m not sure where it’ll land on the priority list, but on the other hand it shouldn’t be too difficult for us to write out reasonable GeoJSON to S3 once a year or so.

Kansas District Maps

Actually, I realized we basically had a script to do this, so I gave it a run for KS & WA (as we’ve had those requested lately)

This isn’t official yet- but I’m leaning towards something like


I’ll be making this part of a more official announcement about API updates that’s coming, but all boundaries are now available in a format like:

I’ve published all 52 jurisdictions we cover there and the files will stay available forever.