Bulk data downloads?


Was hoping to do a quick bulk data dowload for some analysis. Seems like the bulk uploads are a little dated… any easy way to pull down full tables for a give state into csvs? Or is there a new location for bulk downloads?



We’re currently evaluating the future of this feature, but don’t have any updates yet. Would it be possible for you to aggregate the data you need via the API? If not let us know and we can do a one-off update again, but we’re hoping to make some big changes to bulk downloads moving forward


Would be easier if you could do a one-off update… still working on learning how to use the API. I’m hoping to do some quick analysis to turn around in the next day or two… possible you could do the one-off update of bulk downloads? Would be greatly appreciated


@james possible to update this? don’t mean to be a bother


I’ll take a look this week- can’t promise anything immediately though


ok thank you! very much appreciated


@james have a chance to look into this?


sorry- not yet, it is on my list but I haven’t had to bandwidth to investigate this just yet


I would love for the CSVs to be updated as well.


still interested in this as well


Hello, I was wondering about the Bulk Downloads as well. Is it possible to get these? Thanks so much


Any updates on this?


are folks looking for bulk data on bills or on people? or both?


everything - same as available before.


Yes, everything, as before.


I’ve done a run of the CSV downloads with all data through today in it. We’ll be updating the /downloads/ page and making a more formal announcement once we’ve finished the JSON downloads too but figured for those of you that have been waiting a long time I’d share it here first while getting the rest of this in order.

The URL format for the new files is https://data.openstates.org/legacy/csv/ak.zip .


Awesome work, this is greatly appreciated.


:+1: JSON downloads available too, https://data.openstates.org/legacy/json/ak.zip is the URL pattern


Hi James,
I run VoteWise.net. We are a non-profit non-partisan website that connects voters, politicians, and organizations without advertising dollars getting in the way. Our ultimate goal is to help people find common ground and then connect them with the people and resources to make a difference in their community. We like what you are doing and would like to integrate your work into VoteWise, but we are having a little difficulty matching your data with API’s from other sources. It seems like some of your politicians have VoteSmart ID’s and some do not and we don’t have an easy way of matching. Also, I see in the forums here that you have a few other problems. Is there anything we can do to help?


We would very much be interested in daily bulk updates.