CA internal IDs changed?


Not an urgent issue, but want to know if my data is doing something crazy or if OpenStates data actually changed. Maybe I’m assuming something incorrect about the nature of the OpenStates ID values.

I recorded some OpenStates bill IDs previously for California, and now have a process pulling and examining the details. I noticed that a lot of them are returning 404, for example:


Looking into it, I noticed that I recorded a bill (CA SB 1332) as CAB00028166 previously, but now it appears to be identified in the OS API v1 as CAB00026431. Did the IDs for bills change, were there duplicates that got cleared out, or something similar?

Thanks for any insight you can offer!


Also, votes in GA 2018 special session do not have ID values?

 "id": "",
 "all_ids": [


CA did have a bit of an odd data issue in that somehow there were some duplicates that got in the source data and then in our database. We fixed this & actually didn’t expect anyone to notice - but yeah I believe that’s what happened here.

That GA issue is a special case too, but not one I realized existed yet, sessions that are new to v2 didn’t have bill ids assigned for v1, and we’re now powering v1 off of v2 data. I’ll think about if there’s anything we can do there, but it might remain tricky to add those IDs in v1 since they aren’t being minted in the new system.


Thanks for the response, and sorry for my late attention. OK, so will each legislative session in v2 have a unique ID value?

It looks like there is an “identifier” property of legislativeSessions. Is “identifier” just the legacy v1 ID? Or is it a new ID scheme unique to v2?


Session identifiers are shared between v1 & v2 :slight_smile: