Can anyone share a pgdump?


Hi all, would anyone be willing to share a pgdump? It doesn’t need to be comprehensive or recent. I’d like to make a pull request or two to, but the pupa scraper db import is failing for me so I can’t get data from json into postgres.

Many thanks!


I need to come up with a cleaning process (mainly be sure to drop the sensitive tables) but I can prioritize this. Sorry for the delay, but I am hopeful I can get something fairly soon.


Newer dump coming soon, but here’s one from late April that should be suitable:


Sweet - thank you! That should do the trick for now. I will try it out!


and the latest


The pgdump doesn’t include boundary data.
Is there a script somewhere for loading boundary data into the db?


ah yeah that’s still the trickiest part of the whole process… I’ll see if I can find some time to document it better and/or see what including that data in the dump does to download size