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Well, I guess I’m the 1% of used the /committees endpoint…

Also, needless to say I’m an GraphQL noob and from the examples I can’t piece together an appropriate query.

I’m looking to get a list of all the committees in Georgia, for the current session, and the members/legislators for each. I don’t care if it’s an array of committees and the legislators in each or if it’s each legislator and their memberships in each committee.

The closest I’ve come is this but I don’t know how to filter it to GA and the current session. I don’t know what “Member Of” is supposed to be. I’ve tried using GA’s General Assembly membership id (ocd-organization/1186f244-c9f8-46de-a453-c58d6de050d7) but it returns empty.

  people(memberOf: "ocd-organization/98d43d46-9571-4a40-9007-581d84d41bb8", first: 5) {
    pageInfo {
    edges {
      node {
        currentMemberships(classification: ["committee"]) {
          organization {


So close! You need to use the chamber organization, not the legislature as a whole, except in Nebraska and DC. So e.g. for the Georgia House, use “ocd-organization/f94ae35f-f161-4599-b603-e7737dc8c93f”.

I’m quite suspicious that the returned committee memberships for the Georgia House are incomplete; there are too many legislators with no committee assignments. But it’s not my state, maybe that’s how they roll.

Using “memberOf”, rather than “everMemberOf”, restricts to active legislators, which is close to filtering for the current session. If it’s not good enough, holler and I’ll dig a bit.

You may find this blog post of mine of use:


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