Database ERD and pg-dump endpoint

Hello! I am new to Open States, and am thinking of utilizing the data available for a website I am making. The particular data I will be using are bills, people and votes. I am using the postgresql dump available from the site, which I have noticed extends beyond January if you change the numbers in the url:
changes to...{year}-#{month}-public.pgdump

Based on the database and the endpoint, I have two questions:

  1. Will this year month input on the url continue to be supported?
  2. Is there an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) available to better understand how everything connects to each-other (for instance over foreign keys)?

Update: I was able to create a ER Diagram.

I found a program called DBeaver, which is free and on linux. Through this I created an Entity Relationship Diagram on the opencivicdata subset of the data tables.

Here is the whole database:

edit: click the picture to open it, then zoom in.

Here is the subset of opencivicdata only

We don’t commit to the database dumps as a stable interface because we need to be able to change our schema freely-- but if you don’t mind keeping up with potential schema changes (they aren’t that common, but a few are planned for the next few months) you’re more than welcome to use the data this way!

oh and the ERD you created is better than anything I have, you can mostly ignore the events tables and most of the organization tables too – they might even go away in future revisions of the openstates-core repo

I am willing to commit to keeping up with those updates. Potentially I can make tests to check that the data is still aligned to the way I am using it in the new database before I replace the old one. Where are database changes posted? Is there a github link or should I follow the infrastructure category?

Thanks for the heads-up about the events table and others, thankfully I am not using those. I am mainly focusing on bills and people related tables