Discourse vs. GitHub issues

With recent changes to project staffing, I’m evaluating if this discourse should be sunset in favor of other options.

There was hope that this would be more of a community and less of a separate issue tracker, but pretty much all the requests as of late would better be served on the GitHub issue tracker. Announcements are the one exception, but we have our blog/mailing list/twitter for those.

Dev discussion will be moving back to Slack, but that didn’t really take place here anyway.

If anyone that’s lurking prefers this to GitHub issues now is your time to speak up, otherwise I’ll likely begin the process of shutting this down in favor of other support channels in the near future.

Thanks for your feedback!

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I’d still love to develop a community here, but I agree that with such limited resources that it makes sense to shift to GitHub issues and the blog/mailing list/social combo for other stuff for the time being.

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If you (or anyone else reading this) wants an invite to the new dev slack reach out to me at james@openstates.org and I’ll send an invite :slight_smile:

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