Does leg_id uniquely identify a legislator?


This is a v1 question. (I didn’t see a v1 category)

Does leg_id uniquely identify a legislator? Example: Texas SD 30 will have a new senator. He will probably be someone that was a TX House Rep last session. Will this person have the same leg_id that he had when he served in the house ?


Great question, we need to be more clear about this.

When our system detects a “new” person, it mints a new ID: so let’s say they have TXL000008 and then the next instance gets TXL002001 This happens if anything major has changed, including chamber, what we do later is merge duplicate people, so that both IDs resolve to the same person. For stability the lower id is always considered canonical, but both work.

So ultimately yes, but there are instances where a person may have multiple IDs, or be unresolved.