Go Client Library


I just recently learned about Open States and love the spirit of the project. I didn’t see any client libraries for working with this API. Is that just due to lack of time/resources?

I’m interested in collaborating with anyone on developing a Go client library for this. Just trying to get a gauge of the community/people here before independently embarking on any projects.


I’m not aware of any client libraries, especially for the v2 (graphql) API.

In case you’re not aware, a list of graphql libraries for golang can be found at

I’m not a golang user.


Thanks @EdStaub . I found a couple of your medium posts on open states and graphql btw. They were super helpful. I hope you keep them coming. Definitely enjoyed them.


Hi! I am also new to this forum and was looking for something similar online (that’s why I joined the forum). Now, that Omar had shared that you had related posts online (https://routerlogin.onl/), I’d love to check them out if you could share them.


@rafaelsolano Rafael, they begin here:


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