Help with query to get these items

I’m a volunteer administrator for a yearly pharmacy advocacy web app. I unfortunately don’t have the help that I did last year, so I am having trouble querying the API to get a JSON with the data below. We used to have 2 separate JSONS, one for Maryland Senators and the other for Maryland Representatives. Anyone able to help? Thanks!


"id": "MDL000373",

"leg_id": "MDL000373",

"all_ids": ["MDL000373", "MDL000603"],

"full_name": "Jeff Waldstreicher",

"first_name": "Jeff",

"last_name": "Waldstreicher",

"suffix": "",

"photo_url": "",

"url": "",

"email": "",

"party": "Democratic",

"chamber": "upper",

"district": "18",

"state": "md",

"sources": [{

    "url": ""


"active": true,

"roles": [{

    "term": "2015-2018",

    "district": "18",

    "chamber": "upper",

    "state": "md",

    "party": "Democratic",

    "type": "member",

    "start_date": null,

    "end_date": null


"offices": [{

    "name": "Capitol Office",

    "fax": null,

    "phone": "410-841-3137",

    "email": "",

    "address": "216 Miller Senate Office Building;11 Bladen Street;Annapolis, MD 21401",

    "type": "capitol"


"old_roles": {},

"middle_name": "",

"country": "us",

"level": "state",

"created_at": "2018-10-18 14:47:22",

"updated_at": "2019-01-10 04:28:01"

Do you have an API key? is there a query you’re making now that isn’t working the way you’d expect?

If there are private details like an API key that isn’t working the way you want get in touch w/