How to run openstates against private pupa using docker?

To integration-test some pupa changes, I want to run openstates against my local pupa. How should this best be done?

My best attempt (I think!) is to patch my local Dockerfile to grab pupa from my github branch:

/opt/openstates/venv-pupa/bin/pip install -e git+

But this doesn’t see my changes. I’ve also tried first

docker-compose up -d --force-recreate

but it doesn’t help.

Is there a better way to test? Or, am I missing a cache somewhere?

Need to update version number somewhere(s)? Run some command?

I think with the current scraper-focused setup you’d need to build the docker image anew each time, when developing the tooling itself I find docker to get in the way more than it helps. I’d check to see if you can’t get it working without docker if at all possible.

It should be possible to link in the pupa source directory the same way the openstates/openstates directory is linked in, but that’d be a special case and not something we’d want to have in the main Docker config.

Yeah, that’s where I got to eventually, a couple of weeks ago - run outside docker.