Http://beta.openstates now http://openstates. Please update documentation


Hi James,

The documentation for the graphQL endpoint (this page) needs to be updated from to

The location of the url is the 2nd line of the the Basics section in the Open States v2 GraphQL API documentation.

I was using the beta.openstates endpoint in a fully working app update on Jan 6. Just noticed it’s broken now. Interestingly, the error being sent back now in the JSON object is “Must provide query string.” Anyway, my app is now happy again :slight_smile:

Have a great day!


Thanks for pointing this out, the documentation wasn’t automatically building, I’ve run a build & I’m looking into this now


Hi @mike , I am also getting the same error

{“errors”:[{“message”:“Must provide query string.”}]}

Now is I need to move back to v1 or there is any fix for this issue


Hi @mfarhanahmad For me, I had been using 2 for my calls. I changed that to the newly updated and it worked as expected.

If that doesn’t do it, then you likely have a syntax issue in your query string. Good luck!!


@mfarhanahmad What you’re seeing is a problem on your end. Without any information about what you’re trying to use, little useful guidance is possible. If you are trying to use curl or similar, you may find my post useful:

@Mike I recommend using https, not http. The http URL just redirects to https, as you can easily see in the browser. People who are using the API directly (not using a browser) may run into difficulty if they don’t handle the redirect properly.


Hey there, @EdStaub!

I am, indeed, using https://… base URLs. Just a typo in my post there. I’ll go back and update them now. Thanks for the heads up!


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