Inactive Louisiana state legislators displaying incorrect info


Hello, first time poster here. Hope this is the correct place for this.

It appears that the inactive lawmakers in Louisiana are displaying the wrong photos. I have come across around 5 or 6 so far. Here is an example:


The data looks correct, it’s just the photo that is wrong. The photo is of the current lawmaker for the same district that the inactive member served in. Not sure if this is happening in other states, or just Louisiana.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Right now this is a known issue w/ states that re-use URLs (i.e. is always the legislator in district 1)

we’ll look at a manual clearing of the old Louisiana photos though, that’s unfortunately our only option at the moment


Are there any ideas kicking around about an automated way to handle this? I imagine the ideal solution is the offending sites changing how they use URLs, but I’m figuring some workaround solution is a more realistic expectation for something that could happen anytime soon. I started mulling it over a little but figured I should check with the group before cooking up anything too specific in case somebody already has a killer idea that just needs execution.


For states with this issue, maybe a scheduled periodic full refresh of the photos, every month or so?