Is SSO enabled for this site?


Is enable sso provider set in the Discourse site settings?
If not, would it be reasonable to set it?


To be clear- you’d like to use this discourse as a provider for login to your own web app?

I’ll have to think about it, while I don’t think this discourse is going anywhere, it’d complicate any changes we made to it to know that people are relying upon it as their login provider. If you don’t mind sharing, what is your use case?


Yes, that’s it. It’s not something immediate or that important, I just wanted to get a feel.

I’m considering putting together a site that shows what the data quality of Open States is along the dimensions including jurisdiction, chamber, time of data, time fetched, and “question”, e.g. “Are no/some/all legislators resolved on roll call votes?”.

If the site is well used, I was thinking there may be times when someone may want to comment on status, e.g., “as of 12/12/18 Idaho’s website has been down for 6 months”. It was for this purpose I was thinking about using the Discourse identity.