Join Our Bulk Data Working Group

We’re putting out an open call for collaborators for a new Open States data replication pilot project.

Years of running Open States has shown that there are really two types of API users. Those that are embedding a tiny bit of functionality into their site (find your legislator or a bill widget) and those that want almost all of the data we have.

We’re hoping to consider several options for the latter, and are looking for organizations to partner with. Ultimately, we’re looking for organizations with technical capacity that rely upon Open States’ data to be a part of a pilot project enabling us to stream updates to reduce API load. Ideally we’d have a few calls to discuss options, and you’d have an engineer or two that we could work with directly as we work towards improving this use case. We might also look for collaborative funding opportunities to help sustain this work, but for now we’re just going to focus on organizations with the need for a substantial subset of Open States’ data and technical capacity.

If you’re interested please email with the following information:

  • Your Name & Organization
  • If you’re currently using Open States & how you’re doing so.
  • If you aren’t using Open States, a description of how you would.
  • Details on your tech stack (primarily databases & languages used)
  • An email address or two to invite to a Slack channel where this will be discussed.

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