Labeling questions mostly for PA



I am very impressed and interested by your project as I was considering doing something like this for pa only.
So I would be happy to try to help with PR for fixes or development on some spare time.

Also I want to ask you about labeling. It looks like PA does not provide on it s site labeling of issues.

As a side project I m considering building myself a classifier atop openstates API to be able to classify bills in generic high level topics.
I wanted to know if there is something that exists in openstates related to that that I could help with or not.


And congrats on this nice piece of work that is openstates.



Welcome Dzada!

For subject labeling, we only include them if the state includes subjects from an official source (usually the legislature’s website).

We stick to only official sources with Openstates’ data, but i’m sure plenty of people would be interested in seeing a classifier if you wanted to build one out as a seperate project, and pull in data from the API.