Missing email address for a particular legislator and... how to ask?

Hi all - Thanks for the great service. I noticed one has not email address listed, but it is available on his virginia page.

I have a feeling it’s not helpful to point out little things like this and there is some scraper code I should examine to figure out why it’s missing -is that right? And if so is where is the right place to dig in?

I also found a git repo and another post about how submitting PR requests there is the right way to go.

Maybe I answered my own question, but if anyone can confirm that would be great.

For a small change like an email address or two, yes the best recourse is a pull request (or for those that haven’t used git- an issue) against the openstates/people repository.

For larger issues, there are scrapers, but they’re in a state of flux right now- and mostly in openstates/openstates.

Thank you for the reply - and also for merging the PR so quickly!! What is the process for merged records to start showing up via the API?

Thanks for saving the day! Changes are active and the campaign is on :).