Missing Legislators in Florida?


Any queries with Florida as a parameter return nothing, and the site even displays the same result: https://openstates.org/fl/


I can verify this, good lat/long geo pairs in Florida are returning empty results [] Other states are fine.

API used: https://openstates.org/api/v1/legislators/geo/


Could someone from openstates check this out please? Thank you.


I’m looking at a fix for this, it seems like we accidentally went to 2019 session & had to revert, so there’s a bit to be done to unwind it. I’ve made a few updates & am waiting on a run to see if that fixes it, but I believe this should be resolved tomorrow


Thanks for looking into this. As of Wednesday morning 9/26, looks like we have a little bit of coverage - 13 senators and 3 reps. Know when may get to the full 40/120? Thanks!


Still working on a fix for this, I just flushed a bunch of old data and I’m kicking off another run of Florida now


It looks like we’re back, I think the remaining empty seats are actual vacancies.