No Clue ? 2Proper Post - Site Info Add/Correction Req

OpenStates Website = Information Correction and/or Addition

This is my 1st time on this site/forum. I noticed today when I initially visited Open State’s Website, that under my District Legislator’s page, there was a District Map on the right side of the page; however, the ‘map’ really doesn’t show the district information.

Since I visited our LA Legislature page(s) prior to visiting OpenStates, I know that on the LA Legislature Website there are Maps available showing the Districts for the Entire State of Louisiana AND Maps showing the District for Each individual District.
So, I thought that OpenStates’ website might like to add this information to increase the accuracy of the information listed on this website.

I am unsure of where to post this information available notice and/or request for data update/addition. I am not a programmer so I would have no idea how to update your site’s code to direct it to the proper information location.

However, I can provide links for whoever handles this type of request/post (listed below).
Also, from my short visit/peek at the forum dates (which all seem pretty old), I’m not sure if anyone is active here or updating the OpenStates website, but I am posting this information anyway, because perhaps someone out there still cares and will make the update/changes…


Louisiana State District Maps for Each District, .PDF’s/Links are listed on the following Page:

District 1 Map:
…can only post 2 links as a new user= etc…senators…CurrentMaps/1.pdf
. (NOTE: Redirect to Map Link follows the same Structure for each district and only the district number changes at the end)

Hi Bonnie,

Sorry I’m not sure I followed, are you saying the boundaries are incorrect for your district?

I was saying that the district map located on the right side of the page, does not actually show any defined district, it is only a general map.

I was also stating that the links I provided are to:
a) a current Louisiana State District map for the Entire State of Louisiana.
b) the website page that lists the pdf link for each individual district map for districts 1 thru 39

I was stating that the link for each individual district map, district 1 thru 39, follows the same link address structure and the only information that changes is at the end of the link that lists the district number.

I was also asking/requesting that anyone interested and/or capable of making the changes on the open state site, add/update the information for the state of louisiana individual reps, and/or the state of louisiana districts if that information is listed on the site.

Hope that clears up my post…also, posted where I did as I didn’t know where to properly post such information/requests…

(last edit, I swear: …also to cut down on the workload to update the district information for each district rep, you could just update that map on the right side, to the entire state of louisiana district(s) map website url that I posted above, as each individual district number is shown, so if each state rep’s page says their district, then the user/viewer can just click the entire state district map, and see/locate their individual district number shown on the entire la state district map)

Can you screenshot what you’re seeing on the page you linked-- does it not look like this?