Offering pay for CA help


There are CA bills that are not getting scraped into Open States.
I’d like help fixing this and can compensate for work.

If interested, please call:
808-457-8622 or email



Slow Hello… Sorry…

At this point, I care most about the data integrity and completeness…

Do you have specific examples of the problem? Bills that are alive on leginfo but are not making it into OS?



@jake This was addressed several weeks ago.

For most states, data must be acquired by scraping their websites, so the acquisition (scraper) code breaks a lot as they change their sites. Often it’s a few weeks, or even months, before problems are addressed. See for a live list of current issues.


Thanks, Ed.

I responded to KP123 because I have specific interest in CA and am working on it. Therefore, I was/am hoping to hear from KP123 which specific Bills he was seeing that were not being properly scraped. Thanks.


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