Prefiles, should they be the default session?


As prefiling is starting in a number of states (FL, VA), I’m adding the sessions to the bills scrapers. In many cases though, there’s a term switchover that hasn’t happened yet, and i’m afraid of incorrect member data getting imported into the system if it runs a member scrape with current pages against a future session.

Should we add prefiles as the non-default session (aka put them one entry higher in the “list” so they have to be run specifically), or just add them normally?


If you import bill info without having the (new) legislators that it needs to refer to, isn’t that a problem too?


I think not running them by default is right, in the past what we’d done is modify the runner config to include the year for this period, but that’s burdensome & error prone. I think w/ the given system the best solution is to do as you said, add them above & we’ll have to keep a ticket around or something to move them back down.

@EdStaub: it won’t cause any major issues, but sponsors/etc. won’t be resolved until we have the people for them