Query for bill/bills by jurisdiction and session


I am trying to do two types of queries.
1.) Lookup a bill - have the identifier, jurisdiction and session.
query : -
{ bill(jurisdiction: "California", session: "2019-2020", identifier: "AB 46") { .... } }

This results with a response : -

     "message": "Bill matching query does not exist.",
   } ] . . . .

I was able to pull up the bill by modifying the session to - "20192020" which I happened to come across in some API support Q&A here.

How do I find out all the eligible session names for a jurisdiction ?

2.) How do I get all bills for a session and jurisdiction ?

Any feedback would be helpful. Thanks.


Do you still need help with getting all bills for a session?


No, I figured out how to get all bills for a session. But I am trying to get the latest session for every jurisdiction. For eg - California. It’s a paginated search and it seems to be not ordered. Maybe this could be a nice-to-have feature in future builds and if so where can I post such feature request ?


If you could file a request at github.com/openstates/openstates.org that’d be great :slight_smile:


FWIW, I’d suggest ordering them by start-date.


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