Random bill(s) missing


This bill is live in the Illinois state legislature, but it’s not appearing on the OS site search for some reason:

IL - SB 116 –





@EdStaub Ed, do you have any expertise and have credentials to work on some of these problems?



Thanks, I almost wrote to you when I saw your offer on CA.
I’m very junior with Python, but what experience I have is on this project. (FWIW, I work mostly in TypeScript, full-stack.)

California’s scraper is unlike any other because of the way their data is accessed - it’s direct access into a MySQL database IIRC.

You should be able to find better help than me, but ping me again if you really get stuck. Here are the folks who have worked on CA: https://github.com/openstates/openstates/commits/master/openstates/ca

Please let me know how you make out regardless (I don’t need to know who), just to help me understand the health of the ecosystem.



Thanks for the quick reply Ed.

Consider yourself hired if you’re interested in wrenching on this? Maybe we could get James to help, although I know he’s backlogged