Retired and deceased members

In Alaska for members we have some retired and deceased members still showing. I think all that needs to be done is a run of the people scrapper for Alaska.

are you still seeing this? I think this was the result of a bad deploy, but if you’re talking about others that are up let me know and we’ll manually retire them :slight_smile:

Yes realizing now the API doesn’t do a good job of distinguishing inactive members. (Our own website code examines the comment field). Working on that part of it, but specifically Sen. Chris Birch died last summer and was replaced by Rep. Revak who moved to the upper house. Rep. Revak’s seat was filled by Rep. Gillis.

In a separate incident Rep. Wilson resigned and was replace by Rep. Prax.

The code in the people-Master seems like it would be successful in gathering new people, but not necessarily in retiring exiting people.

I fixed the API on our side so it’s possible to ask for just the currently serving members, but when I was looking at the scraping code to assist it’s not clear to me if people-master or open-states is where member scraping code is stored for data use in the find-my-legislator app provided by open states… For Alaska I see we don’t have people scraping code in open-states code, but other states do.