State Legislators from Special Elections/Appointments



Apologies if this is a known issue, but it appears that any district that had a special election or appointments to fill a vacant spot now has duplicate active legislator records.

For instance, Wisconsin’s 42nd House district shows Rep Ripp and Rep Plumer as active. However, only Plumer is the current representative. He was voted in during a 2018 special election.

This type of issue appears in what - very quickly - looks like around 50 cases from Arkansas 83rd to Illinois 47th (this was an appointment, not special election) to Hawaii senate seat 19th (also appointment), etc.

From a data perspective, it looks like these can be filtered by selecting the most recent date from the created_at field, and that will leave the user with only the truly active legislators when taking special elections and appointments into account, though I haven’t confirmed it works for every case.

Thank you!


fwiw: some states (like mine, NH) often have more than one seat in a district. Where this is true, inferring the active legislators for a district can be difficult or impossible.


Yes, thanks, I’m aware of multi-member districts.


Thanks Kate, would you mind making a GitHub issue w/ the legislators you’ve discovered in duplicate & we’ll manually retire them. We’re about to roll out a new approach to this, but for now there’s still a bit of manual intervention.


this issue should be fixed with our migration to the repo


It is! Thank you so much!