State of Open States: May 11 2018


We haven’t been doing this regularly, but figured this might be a good spot to do these.

Lately we’ve been pretty focused on conversations around sustainability & what sorts of changes we need to make to the project in coming months to reduce costs/burden on the core team. Expect more public conversation about this soon (and you’re reading this on a trial of one idea that’ll help in this direction). We’ll also be heading to SRCCON to talk about the future of Open States & state legislative data.

James has a bit of free time this week while at PyCon and will be working on making some changes, most recently fixing tests and some dataquality tool issues and tackling the API v2 backlog w/ an eye towards getting API v2 beta out in early summer.

We’re also ramping up for GSoC, which officially starts on Monday. We’ll have a more detailed post in the next week or so with details on the tools that Invin will be working on.