Subjects for state session

I’d like to get a list of subjects for the state of MA.

I’m not a coder. I’ve followed the syntax in the API manual for the rest of the searches. I don’t see the syntax for looking up subjects.

Thanks for any info.

A subject list is not directly available via the API, other than by querying all the bills and gathering all the subjects used from them. Given that the subjects are scraped from the state, and are not a fixed vocabulary of OpenStates, this is as complete a list as you’ll find.

[Burying the lede] In the case of Massachusetts, the state doesn’t provide any subjects, so there aren’t any.

I wonder whether machine learning could be useful for bill classification.

Thanks Ed.

It’s too bad MA doesn’t. Thanks for letting me know of that and the tech.

Another question. Is it possible to access MA legislature’s website directly for an API call? I assume that’s how all these companies do. I use the free account and I can only track 25 bills at a time. Plus I have to do cut and paste instead of pulling the data out directly into a spreadsheet. I didn’t see anything on the Mass website.


Thanks again.

I’m not sure I understand the question. If you’re asking if MA has a legislative API, I don’t know, but probably not, since openstates generally uses state APIs where available, and, from skimming the code, it doesn’t appear to use an API for MA bills.

Yep that was my question.

It’s too bad Mass doesn’t do subjects. That one term would have made all the difference in my analysis. Thanks for your replies Ed.

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