Upper / Lower case bill search


Right now, the bill searches for bill I.D.'s are case sensitive depending on the state, and depending upon the bill. (e.g. – recently submitted bills in KY are lower case while previous bills were upper case)

Is there a reason for this?

Revisiting issue of the need for case-insensitive search to reduce server load. NY sponsors are all caps

AFAIK, the format of bill id’s is directly from the state data source; OpenStates doesn’t modify them.


Thanks for the reply Ed. I see that that is what’s happening – just wondering if we/OS can allow searches to disregard case senstivity.


I think this is reasonable, mind opening an issue for this on the openstates/openstates.org repo?


Thanks for the reply James, ticket filed in Git

Not able to search bills using Bill ID field for some bills

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