Using OpenStates on My Site


I am VERY interested in using your API data for my site. Everything that your API is offering is EXACTLY what we need. We already have an API for the information pertaining to the Federal government and this is up and live. We feel that it is almost more important to provide the same information on the state level and everything that you are providing is perfect. Pleas provide instructions so that I can obtain an API key. Thank you very much for your assistance.




Register here for an API key: . Be sure to use the v2 (graphql) API; the old V1 api is being phased out.

(I’m not a project member, just another user.)


It is very surprising how fast they are trying to kill an API that so many rely on when the new one is just being released as a first Beta.


v2 was actually first launched as alpha in late 2017.


@BWBama85 We extended the support window an entire session for API v1. We’ve also offered paid support to people that need it, but haven’t had any takers.

and to anyone reading this, if you rely on v1, make sure you try out endpoints to make sure they’ll keep working for you post-transition