Welcome to Discourse


This Discourse forum is a place for discussion of all aspects of the Open States project.

There are categories for people using Open States’ data and for contributing to Open States in various ways.

We’re considering moving to Discourse instead of Slack/Email to streamline our communications, reduce repetitive conversation, and encourage the community to help one another more.

Quick FAQ:

Q) What should be posted here vs. Slack vs. GitHub vs. contact@openstates.org

A) Pretty much everything but actual issues should go here. We hope for this to potentially replace most uses of Slack/contact@openstates.org, so please try posting here if you’d otherwise post there. Exceptions: Actual issues should be posted to GitHub still & anything sensitive should go through contact@openstates.org.

Q) I’m having issues w/ the site, what do I do?

A) If you can post, please use the ‘Discourse Meta’ category when posting. If you can’t post try contact@openstates.org