What is being updated in V1 vs V2?


I’m working with V1 and wondering if new legislator and bill info is going to be updated in V1. Is the new data only being updated for V2?



Not a member of the team, so take my response with a grain of salt. What I’ve noticed so far is that V1 is getting new bill data. However, there are some changes in that new bill data under V1. For example there is no ID value in V1, whereas in V2 there is a unique ID for each bill.

I haven’t looked much at the legislator endpoints.


Thanks for the reply


All data is updating in V1 & V2 (same database) but there are a few differences in the structure & the aforementioned ID issue


Thanks James – is it also true that bill actions/events will be missing on V1?


Bill Actions should definitely be present.

(Not 100% sure if you mean something else by events, but the old events endpoints are indeed gone- it isn’t something we scrape currently.)


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