What is current API v1 rate limit?


After a couple of days of running API V1 fine at 59 RPM, I’m now getting 429 (Too Many Requests) errors even at 12 RPM. I’ve double-checked that I don’t have some hidden process running, am logging all request times including retries, etc.

I should add, in case it matters: I’ve been running a big process, grabbing stuff from all states to do the quarterly “Which vote scrapers aren’t working” thing I do. But it’s never gone over 60 RPM since last Saturday.

I wonder if this maybe actually reflects too much aggregate server load? It’s not the usual meaning, but when I was truly running too hot on Saturday, I was getting a different error code - 403, IIRC. If so, others should be getting 429’s too.

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Your key is in a cool off period from what I can tell.

I’m traveling today but I’ll look into temporarily raising your limit for a while when I’m able to. Your key is making 120 rpm, I’d look at if you’re getting 301s and adjust your requests accordingly.


Thanks, James.

I found the issue: there’s an additional limit of 10000 requests per day, which is a bit less than 7 RPM sustained, or a bit under 3 hours at 60 RPM.

quota exceeded: 10000/daily

Is this documented somewhere? Is it new?
This is the first I’ve known of it.



that limit has been in place since last year, what level of usage do you need? we can look at an increase


60 RPM sustained should be good enough, so 60 * 24 * 60 = 86,400. I don’t need it often; and it averages out to a lot less; the less frequently I download, the bigger the job is. In this case, because of the NH outage, I haven’t done a full update since late March, so there are a lot of bills. If that’s too much, I can just reduce my rate to fit, though it will be tedious to run for days on end. Not knowing what the problem was, was the worst of it.

FWIW, I intend to try to help reduce the required workload for updating under v2, principally by looking at cases where queries need enhancing to support updatedAt, and/or scrapers where updatedAt is being pointlessly updated. More on that elsewhere, later when I’ve more experience with it.