Wordpress and V2 API?


On a past project, I was able to use the V1 API along with “WP All Import” WordPress plugin to pull Legislation in as WordPress custom post types. It was pretty straight forward and easy for me to wrap my head around as the V1 API uses a URL.

I have another project that will require similar functionality but I want to avoid using V1 as it is on it’s way out. But I am lost with the new API, I’ve started some introductory reading but I’m not a developer.

I guess the first question is has anyone done anything with WordPress and V2?

Is there something I am missing is there still a way to connect through a URL?


This might be a better use for RSS depending on your needs. It is still in need of some improvement & to be shown on the site- but any URL on openstates.org/nc/bills can be obtained as RSS by adding feed:



Thanks for the reply James.

Unfortunately I need to pull in more that what is provided in the RSS feed. Votes, actilons, links to PDF etc.


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